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14 April, 2016

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DAEMON was a cyberpunk, new media experience. Similar to SCAD Humans VS Zombies (another popular Live Action Role Playing Game), DAEMON took place on SCAD Savannah campus from April 15th - April 17th, with Opening Night happening on April 14th. Gameplay was live-action, using NERF-style foam blasters. Combat was squad based, with each team being limited to 5-10 players during signup. One player on each team was given a Google Cardboard headset to complete Augmented Reality challenges with their team. Team's fought one another while completing missions. The second part of DAEMON was a New Media gallery show, centered around glitch art, curated by the DAEMON team and headlined by local artist JON SPRINGS. Additional art from assorted glitch artists, as well as the work we did to make DAEMON reality, were featured, from over 40 different artists. DAEMON was successfully Kickstarted April 13, 2016, for $1,365 with 38 backers.


DAEMON was brought into existance at Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016, developed for a year by 9 artist-designers that were determined to push and bend the rules of live action roleplay at SCAD, while also introducing augmented reality. Following the success of the game's Kickstarter campaign, the game, and the gallery show, the team graduated and parted ways. Over time, interviews were conducted with team members and former players to create the foundation of the documentary, which was filmed all three days that the game took place - roughly 20 hours of content, in all. This was to fulfill the promise to backers that a documentary would be created, but also to fully capture the madness that was, technically, the world's first augmented reality LARP. More than a year later, the documentary was released on September 22nd, 2017.


  • Squad based gameplay, 5-10 players per squad (100 players total).
  • Three days of missions, seven 2-hour missions total.
  • Augmented reality puzzles, class based combat, and physical puzzles including the use of VHS tapes.
  • Political intrigue between members of teams - negotiating using the free market of the game's currency.
  • A glitch-art gallery show featuring submissions from over 40 different artists.


Trailer  YouTube

Documentary  YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Best in Show nominee, Entelechy" Savannah College of Art and Design, May, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "Think five-day-long, college-wide games of Paintball Assasin, except paintballs guns are replaced with the Nerf variety, which results in a far less messy experience. Now take that idea, add cool AR technology and narrative elements to drive a story, and surround it with a great deal of artwork to give the ideas represented a real presence in the world. Populate this vision with a collection of 80 to 100 or so college students running around shooting each other with Nerf guns, and you will begin to form an idea of what Daemon turned into."
    - Jason Odom, Next Reality News
  • "However, one of the shows I’m most excited about will only be around for a single night: Jon Springs’ Daemon at Sulfur Studios (April 17, 7pm). This new media/glitch art show is headlined by one of Savannah’s most talented up-and-coming experimental artists. (A group of as-yet unnamed glitch artists will also display work.) It’s not to be missed."
    - Kayla Goggin, Connect Savannah

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We love making weird and eerie games with innovative aesthetics and rock solid, fun mechanics. Typically, our games usually come from unexamined niches, landscapes, characters, and points of view to facilitate intriguing stories and art direction meshed with gameplay from our favorite classic games and experimental, bleeding edge design.

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DAEMON Credits

Daniel Pomidor
Team Lead, Team Programmer, Producer, Production Designer

Dima Dubodel
Writer, Mission Designer, Production Designer, Director of Photography

Zach Turcich
Art Director, Production Designer, Mission Designer

Kamron Shushtar
Writer, Mission Designer, Sound Designer

Ty Roberson
Mission Designer, Concept Artist, Graphic Designer

Jon Springs
Glitch/Video Artist, Gallery Curator, Director of Photography

Oran Domingue
Writer, Producer, Facilitation

Rey Cuevas
Art Director, Production Designer

Andreas Latourette
Writer, Creative Lead

Hayden Rice
Non-Playable Character Actor, Prop Building

Katie Friedman
Bandana Production, Prop Building, Photography

Ragon Dickard
Non-Playable Character Actor, Prop Building

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