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Late 2022



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USDFree to start, $1.99 later in Alpha


The Neighbors is a randomly-generated immersive sim about burglarizing hideous midwestern farmhouses in the middle of nowhere, as fast as you can, and then getting the heck out of dodge. The catch? You have 4 minutes to scout and rob a house you've never been inside of before. If you're caught, AI will call the police on you. Every round, the house takes on a new configuration, with different entrances, hallways, and loot. The Neighbors is currently in Public Alpha, with one playable area and one basic tutorial. So what's on the horizon? For now, the Alpha is free for the first group of players. As the game gets more popular, we'll start charging for access to the game. Upcoming features include: Mac and Linux (eventually, and a release to Steam), aggressive civilian AI, more characters, more rooms, floors, and house exterior variations, new loot, new artpass (furniture, textures, etc), new music, more animations, story mode, bug fixes, requested features from players... and more that we are strategically waiting to share. We'll be updating the game every 1-2 weeks with new fixes, features, artpass, and more.


The Neighbors began as something of a blend between Trouble in Terrorist Town and Ultimate Werewolf, being heavily inspired by The Town That Dreaded Sundown and In Cold Blood. In time, we found that we still wanted to develop the game as a concept and moved to a single-player design that would leverage a lot of the ideas we wanted to lay the groundwork for going forward - pulling from titles like Spelunky, and some of our favorite experiences in games like Payday 2, Dishonored, and so on. Our initial artstyle was pulling directly from Risograph printing and the art of Will Laren, as well as favorite cartoons of yesteryear such as Courage the Cowardly Dog. For sound and setting, we were heavily inspired by Parquet Courts and Paris, Texas. The future is looking bright with getting the alpha off the ground and out to potential players and publishers as we build an audience - we'll see where it goes.


  • Randomly generated stealth, with houses that are different every time and surprisingly perceptive AI
  • Bespoke, hand-animated characters
  • An art style that straddles Courage the Cowardly Dog and Risograph prints
  • Day-Night cycles during every round
  • 3D sound and a bespoke soundtrack by Gage Horne and Daniel Pomidor


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The Neighbors Alpha Page
Available for free, for now, from https:.

Forward Instinct Discord
To drop feedback and bug fixes, players can get in contact here at https:.

About Forward Instinct

We love making weird and eerie games with innovative aesthetics and rock solid, fun mechanics. Typically, our games usually come from unexamined niches, landscapes, characters, and points of view to facilitate intriguing stories and art direction meshed with gameplay from our favorite classic games and experimental, bleeding edge design.

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The Neighbors Credits

Daniel Pomidor
Direction, Design, Development, 3D Art, little bit of 2D

Robert Matsudaira
Animation Lead, Character Design

Hayden Rice
Concept Art, 2D Art

Pidgeon Lincecum

Stephen Bond

Kamron Shushtar
Sound Design

Ethan Mullett
AI Design

Gage Horne

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