We love making weird and eerie games with innovative aesthetics and rock solid, fun mechanics. Typically, our games usually come from unexamined niches, landscapes, characters, and points of view to facilitate intriguing stories and art direction meshed with gameplay from our favorite classic games and experimental, bleeding edge design.


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In the American Southwest, a lone witch hunter travels across the desert, seeking to wipe out cultists of all sorts. Fight a variety of goons and ghouls, through small towns to dimension-spanning motels. Inspired by DOOM, Quake, and action games of yore, blast your way through a neon-dripped, pixelated nightmare in this high-speed, high-thrills FPS.

"A gorgeous FPS that blurs a Hotline Miami palette with a grindhouse art style, a Quake-in-CGA aesthetic and a general vibe of lucid divebar nightmare, this was one that made me sit up and pay attention from the very first frame... The enemies are nasty in all the right ways, the weapons are straight out of some forgotten b-movie and the music sounds like that nightmare sex room out the back of the Roadhouse bar in Twin Peaks... Genuinely, this feels both like a lost early 90s treasure and a real 2017 original."

- Alec Meer, Rock Paper Shotgun



DAEMON was a cyberpunk, new media experience.

The first part of DAEMON was a game, similar to SCAD Humans VS Zombies, taking place on SCAD Savannah campus from April 15th - April 17th, with Opening Night happening on April 14th. Gameplay was live-action, using NERF-style foam blasters. Combat was squad based, with each team being limited to 5-10 players during signup. One player on each team was given a Google Cardboard headset to complete Augmented Reality challenges with their team. This player was known as the team's Decker. Team's fought one another while completing missions. This segment of DAEMON was open only to SCAD Students and Alumni.

The second part of DAEMON was a New Media gallery show, centered around glitch art, curated by the DAEMON team and headlined by local artist JON SPRINGS. This segment of DAEMON was open to anyone. Additional art from assorted glitch artists, as well as the work we did to make DAEMON reality, were featured.

DAEMON was successfully Kickstarted April 13, 2016, for $1,365 with 38 backers. September 22nd, 2017, the 114 minute documentary detailing the creation and experience of playing DAEMON was finally released to backers and the general public.



Continuing the lineage of Midnight Ultra, remotely orbital drop and pilot your soldier drone into the gentrification wars. Explore the information landfills of the future of wealth inequality through the critical lens of your ironsights, raze cities in the name of the total GDP, and fix America's Junk Credit Rating one bullet at a time.



A thief has been burgling and terrorizing the town, but nobody knows who - work together with your fellow players to defend your homes by night and fortify them by day, while rooting out the thief.



A neon pseudo-cyberpunk game where you move to a new town on a space station as a curatorial intern. Meet people and document their lives by day, and paint the town with street art by night. A kaleidoscopic game about growing up, being a creative person and making art, and companionship - in a city that's nostalgic, soothing, relaxing, but full of mystery.



Join up with your friends in the Florida Coastal Survey: Forgotten Coast Division, as you travel across the Florida Gulf coast trying to provide disaster relief and get to the bottom of the mystery behind the off-coast oil spill while surviving hurricanes, ghouls, witches, and cryptids. The true sequel to Midnight Ultra.